Molly Scott Cato at European Elections Hustings 7pm 17th May Gloucester Cathedral

12 May 2019

Molly Scott Cato at European Elections Hustings 7pm 17th May Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucestershire 2050 Vision

26 July 2018

Gloucestershire Country Council Vision 2050 is not inspiring. Our is!! Reply before July 31st.

Make Votes Matter

05 February 2018

It's 100 years since (some) women won the vote, but most of us still don't have a vote that matters. On Tuesday MPs, MEPs, Peers and public figures are joining hundreds of us in a 24 hour fast to demand Proportional Representation.

Wales tears down barriers to democracy as England fortifies them

06 January 2018

In 2018, Wales will get new powers over elections. The big proposal is plans to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in local election

Two County Council wins in Gloucestershire for the Green Party

21 May 2017

Eva Ward (Stroud Central) and Rachel Smith (Minchinhampton) are elected to Gloucestershire County Council, doubling the Green Party representation at Shire Hall.

Gloucestershire Green Parties Manifesto 2017 for the Gloucestershire County Council Elections

15 April 2017

Greens elected to Gloucestershire County Council will defend communities, protect public services and cherish the countryside, towns and villages of the county. We will invest in clean energy and a low carbon economy, promote local food production and end secrecy around multi-million-pound contracts.

Increase funding for Social Care

01 April 2017

Health Chiefs say one of the biggest problem the NHS faces is blocked beds and inappropriate admissions due to poor social care which has been severely cut. We are asking National and Local Government to ACT NOW and reallocate the £5 Billion to support home help and social care in Gloucestershire. This will mean that more people can live in their own homes, with the help they need and the NHS will be able to free up beds in our overcrowded hospitals.

Benefit Cap

12 November 2016

As usual, instead of those with extreme wealth being required to pay back some of the hundreds of billions they cost this country, the poor and the relatively poor are going to pay. Families in rented accommodation, not in paid work, could lose around a third of their income left, after paying housing costs and utility bills, down from an already low £300 per week to around £200 for a family with 3 children.The savings to the government exchequer are paltry but the effect on these families will be devastating. Posted to the Citizen

Infrastructure isn’t just about concrete and hard economic growth.

02 November 2016

Infrastructure isn’t just about concrete and hard economic growth. It’s about social connections, too. The qualitative growth that could come from a community learning new skills to manage and run renewable energy projects they own. The conversations over fences, in the post office and pub. It’s the ties that bind us – and the networks that make us a whole greater than the sum of our parts. Indeed, I would argue that our biggest pieces of infrastructure aren’t bridges, or buildings – they’re the welfare state upon which we all rely, and our National Health Service.

Sunset on renewables

80% drop in community owned energy following government u-turns

10 September 2016

New data released by Co-operatives UK has revealed an 80% drop in community owned energy after u-turns by the government. Ten new community energy organisations were registered between 1 January and 6 September this year, compared with 76 green energy start-ups in 2015. The picture is even bleaker in terms of energy generation, says the sector body. “Local communities have put in extraordinary efforts to encourage clean renewable energy in the face of extraordinary barriers put in their way by national politicians,” said Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operative UK, which is demanding action around the issue. “We are in the midst of Community Energy Fortnight, a time to celebrate this hopeful and grassroots movement. But the government’s policy changes have dealt it a hammer blow, causing confusion and bringing growth to a virtual standstill.”


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