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Thank You!

The Gloucester Green Party would like to thank you all for voting and contributing to the county wide success at the recent local elections.

Nationally the Green Party has gained 88 additional councillors including 7 in Gloucestershire – a truly great result! In Gloucester we’ve given people the opportunity to vote Green, which has contributed to our national success. Our collective share of the vote, and ever increasing political footprint heralds a new phase in our ability to drive social equity and environmental respect.

Gloucester Green Party has also taken a step forward in terms of recognition and local support, be it new enquiries or people pledging to be more active campaigners. In the city election alone there were over 1500 people prepared to vote for us, even with no promotional campaign. We owe it to them and ourselves to establish the Gloucester Green Party as a campaigning force for Gloucester.

As part of our development plan for the Gloucester Green Party, we will be looking for individuals to take on key specific roles. Please can I encourage you to consider whether you feel able to take on a key role, and to reply to me with a ‘Yes, I’m in!’

Mike Byfield