Benefit Cap

12 November 2016

Dear Editor
 The benefit cap was rolled out by the government a few days ago. This means that families in Gloucester on the lowest pay or unemployed are going to suffer. This is part of the callous austerity project by the Conservative government. As usual, instead of those with extreme wealth being required to pay back some of the hundreds of billions they cost this country, the poor and the relatively poor are going to pay. Families in rented accommodation, not in paid work, could lose around a third of their income left, after paying housing costs and utility bills, down from an already low £300 per week to around £200 for a family with 3 children.The savings to the government exchequer are paltry but the effect on these families will be devastating. Gloucester will have to deal with the consequences. We in Gloucester Green Party are appalled at the lack of compassion of the current government and hope that the County Council  and City Council will do all it can to mitigate the effects of this savage and unnecessary cut on the incomes of some of the least fortunate in our society.
 Sincerely Rob Brookes   Gloucester Green Party.

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