Gloucestershire County Council Elections  May 4th 2017



Kingsholm and Wotton - Jonathan Ingleby



I have lived in Gloucester since 1995 when until my retirement, I worked in Higher Education.

  • I believe local government should enable its citizens to live well together. Roads have to be maintained, rubbish collected and recycled, parks beautified, and health and safety guarded.
  • The ward also deserves a distinctive voice on the County Council that speaks out for it and the wider community.
  • We have got to turn ‘not in my back yard’ into ‘for the common good’.



Grange and Kingsway - Rob Brookes


I live in Gloucester and have worked as a foster carer and small businessman for many years.

My priorities are:


  • pushing back against the cuts particularly on health, social care, education and youth services.
  • improving safety and security in neighbourhood.
  • mitigating against climate change effects and acting to reduce its severity.


Longlevens - Chris Britton


I have lived in Gloucestershire for 36 years now and in Longlevens for 12.
My prime interests in this election are:

  • Public transport: bus funding in England has dropped £100 million in 5 years; we need to protect our services locally.
  • Transparency: the shroud of secrecy which envelops this county’s decision making needs to be lifted!
  • Adult care: there is a time bomb slowly ticking away nationally and locally, and we are barely papering over the cracks.



Hempsted and Westgate - Matthew Sidford

  I moved to Gloucester in 2007 with my family and enjoy life here.  I’ve long been a learning disabilities nurse, but now work in dementia services. I campaign on social and environmental issues, and love cycling. I feel the County Council should safeguard against short sighted motives, greed and unfairness.  I’d  listen to residents and be imaginative in solving problems. I’d favour small local businesses and oppose developments that threaten them. I’d support disabled, elderly and vulnerable residents, and engage with youth projects. I’d call for 20mph limits in all residential areas, so people can feel safer to walk and cycle.



Quedgeley - Gerald Hartley


1. I am a life-long Gloucestershire resident with family in Quedgeley, Standish and Kingsway. I am chair of Glosvain, the anti-incinerator campaign group, a Village Hall treasurer and an active musician.

2. I will seek to overturn the council's cabinet system, returning to committees that allow all councillors a part in decision making and following the Freedom of Information Tribunal victory, seek a ban on secret contracts.

3. I will aim for an end to unjustified service privatisations and the secret selling of our council's assets, returning the council to its service provider role.



Barnwood and Hucclecote - Francis Griffiths


I have lived in Gloucester for 30 years, doing what I can to reduce my environmental impact. As a Green councillor I would aim to do the same for Gloucestershire.

My priority would be a good life for all, that doesn't cost the earth.

  • Action for clean air
  • Adoption of the zero road deaths, zero serious injuries policy in Gloucestershire.
  • Improving health and learning through free midday meals in primary schools.
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